Data driven.
Climate focused.

I develop applications for climate, energy and environmental insights.

Web Development

Front and back-end applications, operated across the cloud.
Building your solution from concept to production.

Data Analytics

Scripting, scraping, wrangling and visualising.
Making useful data usable through interactive charting.

Electrical Automation

Testing and troubleshooting of PLC and SCADA systems.

Dan Casey

Web-developer and Technical Consultant

I am software engineer focused on climate, energy and environmental applications.

I have worked as both an electrical and software engineer across the public and private sectors, combining a degree in Energy Engineering and a diploma in Full Stack Software Development.

My current work with the Climate Ireland team, at the MaREI Centre for Climate, Energy and the Marine, University College Cork, supports the delivery of climate adaptation and mitigation projects through technology and data.

Before moving into web-development, I spent a number of years working as an Electrical Automation Engineer, designing and commissioning control systems for tidal, wind, gas and biomass electricity generators. This combined experience of screwdriver-in-hand engineering and cloud computing gives me a unique approach to projects.

If you think I can help with your project, send me a message, lets have a chat and build something together. Contact links below.

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