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Applying the Web to Industry

As I further explore the world of web development, I am always trying to integrate these skills with industry knowledge.

Irish DSU Application Map

This Tableau map dashboard explores the DSU generators currently seeking a connection to the Irish grid.
It's interesting that most applications are currently on hold and that there have been a lot of applications for solar farms.
Note: This data is not up to date.

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Key Features

  • Explore the Demand Side Units seeking grid connection using interactive map
  • Color coded for generation type i.e wind, solar etc
  • Filter for Status, Company, Generation Type, Last Updated and MEC

Project Involved

Irish Energy Balance Dashboard

This dashboard explores Ireland's Energy Balance as per the SEAI’s Energy in Ireland 2018 report data

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Key Features

  • Ireland's Energy Balance data displayed through a number of interactive charts
  • Charts cross-filter within their grouping
  • Tooltip for more detailed data insights
  • Responsive design

Project Involved

  • Develop script to convert .xlsx data to .json format
  • Group data appropriately for charts
  • Develop interactive front-end, using D3.js and DC.js charting libraries

Environmental Lab - Online Shop & Lab Management

This application combines an online shop with separate online portals for the customer and staff to manage soil sample details.

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Key Features

  • Online store with secure payment using Stripe API
  • Geo-tagging of soil samples using device GPS functionality
  • Multiple user accounts with different levels of access, secured by unique passwords
  • Customer portal for tracking of orders and submitting sample details online
  • Lab portal for tracking of samples and uploading test results
  • Automated report generation

Project Involved

  • Identify potential Python-Django app applicable to an environmental science lab
  • Access client side GPS location using HTML5 geolocation
  • Geocoding script to assign address to GPS location
  • Develop PostgresSQL database for storing sample and order records
  • Develop secure payment interface with Stripe API
  • Integrate front-end UI styling with customer site

Irish Grid Reference Bulk Converter

While working on a Python GIS application, I stumbled across 'the age old problem of bulk conversion of Irish Grid References to GPS coordinates'.

It struck me odd that there wasn't an online resource for converting.......so I built one.

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Key Features

  • Simply copy in a column of coordinates from a spreadsheet into the input box
  • Convert between Irish Grid References, XY Coordinates and Latitude, Longitude

Project Involved

  • Develop Python script to convert Irish Grid Reference to X, Y co-ordinates
  • Develop Python script to convert X Y co-ordinates to Latitude and Longitude using PyProj.py
  • Develop Python-Django front-end user interface

Irish Energy Assets Database

As the electrical grid migrates to a more distributed system there is an ever growing need to keep track of the assets on the network.

This site is a means to explore Ireland's electrical generation assets across both the transmission and distribution networks.

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Key Features

  • Online database of connected & contracted generation assets
  • Interactive charts visualizing data
  • Filterable for key attributes
  • Logged in user can update their asset's details
  • Site Admin can fallback to downloaded .csv backups

Project Involved

  • Source relevant data from a number of online sources
  • Develop script to convert .pdf data to .json format
  • Develop MongoDB cloud database
  • Develop Python-Flask back-end to interact with database
  • Develop Python-Flask front-end user interface

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